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Ok, so what’s the deal with this Alli thing? If this is your zillionth visit to an Alli-related website,  this review will be a breath of fresh air and answer all your key questions.

First off , you’ve probably figured out that Alli has nothing to do neither with Muhammad Ali  nor boxing so you’re in the right place.

Second, you’ve also probably figured that you need to lose some of those excess pounds and convert yourself into a neat and trim super-duper wow kind of person.

Third, I’ll try (like, really hard…) NOT to bore you to death in giving you my down-to-earth review of this so-called ‘miracle’ diet-pill. So I thought I’d put something together a little more ‘refreshing’…

Ok, now that my silly intro is out of the way, let’s get down to business.

So…..Does Alli really work?

Well the general answer seems to be a resounding YES as long as it is accompanied with a low-fat diet.

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I know you’ll find different opinions on Alli ranging from the manufacturer who wants to sell you as much of the stuff as they can, to very clever doctors who will tell you the in’s and out’s and probabilities of losing weight with Alli (but having said that, you never seem to see many overweight doctors around, do you?!).

So ultimately, I think you have to turn to the users and their experiences. Manufacturers and Doctors will say what they think is right and that’s all good. But I think that users who have the real problems are the ones who have to provide a real verdict.

As with all these types of products, you have to bear in mind that there’s no such thing as a magic pill that will just melt fat away otherwise we’d ALL be really slim! However, losing weight is something we all desperately want and desire and, most of us will try almost anything to shed the pounds off and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s a good thing. By losing weight we gain all sorts of fabulous advantages liked increased energy and prevent nasty things like heart disease.

If  you just need to find the best place to get this stuff, then look no further then the cool dudes over at Amazon. Here’s my gigantic link below (just in case you miss it). Click on that and it will take you directly to the Amazon page where you can buy them by the bucket-load if you so truly desire…


Does Ali Work - Buy it from Amazon


But if you skipped that, let’s continue…..

What is Alli Exactly?


The rather clever people at GlaxoSmithKline released it’s new ‘dieting’ wonder-pill to the US market back in July 2007 with the idea of answering the Holy Grail of Dieting by providing a simple diet-pill supplement to help people shave off those extra pounds.

And before I get into attempting to drawing my verdict, let’s have a quick look at the in’s-and-out’s of Alli.

Alli is a weight-loss pill supplement for adult people (so this is a no-no for kids, teenagers or even your overfed cat…).

It enhances the effectiveness of a low-calorie diet by decreasing the body absortion of fat during meals digestion and therefore reducing the number of calories you actually absorb.

The pills should be taken with main meals up to three times a day so avoid “o-d’ing” on the stuff because it really won’t do you any good at all.

Now here’s the really cool part: it works by neutralizing a digestive enzyme called “Lipase” whose function is to help the intestines to absorb the dietary fat so it can be stored in the body for later use.  As if you didn’t already know, being overweight is the result of continual & unhealthy eating and storing more fat than the amount our body burns for its daily needs.

This is why all those good-looking nutritionists tell us that the only healthy and long-lasting method to lose weight and avoid gaining it again, is by changing our eating habits to healthier low-fat diets and increasing the amount of exercise.

So Alli is an enhancer of low fat diets that helps to reduce the absortion of fat by as much as 50%, so for every couple of pounds you would  lose through your low calorie diet, Alli helps you to  lose one extra pound more. At least, that’s what some of the other gazillion websites say….but more on this later.


Who Should Take Alli?


Alli is intended to speed-up weight-loss of adults who are on a low calorie diet and whose Body Mass Index (BMI) is over 27.

If you don’t know how to calculate your BMI you’re going to need a calculator (unless you have the brain the size of a planet…).

All you need to do is :

  1. First take your weight in pounds (lbs)  and multiply it by  703. Write that number down. Let’s say you weigh in at a mere 240 pounds. So you’d do 240 x 703 = 168.720
  2. Next, take a note of your height in inches. If you only know your height in feet and inches, here’s how you sort this out. Just take your height in feet and multiply it by 12. So let’s say you’re 5′ 11″, you’d do: 5 x 12 = 60. Then add the 11 inches and you’ve got 71. With me so far? Cool…
  3. Now take that inches number and multiply it by itself. So in this example, you’d do 71 x 71 = 5.041
  4. Finally, to get your BMI, you divide the result from number 1 (above) and divide it by the result from number 3. So in my example, you’d have 168.720 divided by 5.041 which gives you a BMI of 33.469 (and some more decimal places).

So here’s a clear case where Alli will fit in perfectly.

For anyone who is cleverer than me, here’s the actual mathematical formula:

BMI = (weight in pounds x 703)   /   (height in inches)2

And if you’re using the metric system, the formula is a little less complicated:

BMI = (weight in kilograms) / (height in meters)2

Other than that, you should  check with your doctor, physician, etc..if you’ve had digestive problems, have undergone any serious surgery, have diabetes, thyroid disease, are pregnant, have heart conditions or have any other chronic disease.


Are there any Side Effects?


As far as I can tell, you’re not going to turn into Frankenstein if you take Alli.

But having said that, the makers mention that you might get some unwanted side effects like urgent bowel movements and even diaharrea. The reason is because you’re not supposed to consume more than 15 grams of fat with each meal.

Because Alli ‘restrains‘ the absorption of fat, it has to go somewhere else. And that means a trip to the lavatory is in order if you go mad on fatty foods (so forget eating 5 Big-Mac’s and triple-fries in one row…).

Another thing you should note is that vitamins like vitamin A, B and D are “fat soluable“. And because Alli restrains the absorption of fat, you should probably take some vitamin supplements to make sure you get your daily dose. But always take them at a different time from when you take Alli.


OK, so… What’s the Verdict?


Overall, Alli has to get a solid thumbs-up and here’s why:

  • Public verdicts / Social Proof: Alli is one of best-selling diet supplements according to Amazon. And judging by the reviews from there, a whopping 77% of users have given the product a 4 or 5 star rating.
  • Safety: Alli is the only FDA-approved weight-loss diet supplement sold over-the-counter. And getting drugs approved by the FDA is neither a trivial nor cheap process.
  • Weight-Loss Program included: to help users achieving their weight-losing goals,  Alli comes  with a program consisting of recommended diets, exercises ,  low calorie recipes and tips and advice to ensure you get  the results you are looking for. And what it is just as important is that you continue maintaining your new desired weight by progressively learning new eating habits that will help you with your weight.
  • Alli Promotes Multiple Health Benefits: because Alli is taken with a low-fat diet, not only are you helping with your weight-loss but you are also promoting a vastly-improved lifestyle.

Alli, like any other weight- loss supplement, won’t help unless you follow the outlined indications of the product. And after all, all the drug companies are still seeking the Holy Grail to weight-loss for everyone but that’s still a long way off.


Where’s the BEST place to get Alli?


Honestly, I can’t think of a better place than the really cool folks at Amazon. So just in case you missed it earlier, here is that unmissable clickable banner below. Click on that, and you’ll be sent to the correct page at Amazon:

Does Ali Work - Buy it from Amazon


At Amazon, you’ll get the usual:

  • Great prices
  • Safety from a reputable online brand
  • And FREE shipping


So there you go: remember to stick to a low-fat diet with Alli and you’ll in a great position to start trimming-off those unwanted pounds.





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